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Architectuur REpositories en REgistries

Risk Extension

Welcome to the website of the project ARE. The abbreviation ARE stands for Archimate Risk Extension. It is a project where a prototype is introduced to manage risks of ICT architecture. Implemented as an extension of the ArchiMate modelling language. The final product consists of the following:

  • a prototype of an architecture repository with a risk assessment module.
  • a number of articles and white papers on this extension in ArchiMate
  • some sample checklists 

Watch here:

Prototype of webapplication




Part of the project is implementation of a web application. This application prototype makes the proposed process of the development of the architecture transparent. The implementation is based on a prototype as final product. This means that we compromise on the layout and presentation, but not on the functionality. In the figure below an impression of ​​the application design.


The idea is to model an architecture, a repository, and to develop an application so that the above inventory can be created. Below an overview of the components:

  • Architecture element Module
  • Checklist registration
  • Archimate modelling environment
  • Exchange portal
  • Architecture repository

Stakeholder involvement

Involving stakeholders in the architecture development process is not new, especially prospective users and management are in the spotlight. However, it is often seen that the system operators of the current applications and infrastructure are involved at a late stage in the development process. That's a shame, because often system operators know what the problems are in an organization, since they are the first to receive questions and comments about the ICT landscape. On the other hand, they are also well aware of the IT management problems that exist. An important source of information when searching for a different (and optimal) design.

Evaluating risks

Finding an adequate way to evaluate in terms of system operation and implementation risks is the identification of governance risks in consultation of the system operators. The ARE webapplication will provide the opportunity to register architecture design, checklists, and evaluating these checklists by system operators. In addition, the repository is extensible for new checklists and questionnaires.

More information

Please contact us for more information at:


Bert Dingemans


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